[candy for dinner] january update – new reese’s, skittles, starburst and more

happy new year candy fans! we have over a dozen new candies and over 40 new pictures over at candy for dinner, to celebrate the new year in style. new entries from reese’s, skittles, starburst and of course bazooka joe are included. check it out now – www.candyfordinner.com -the c4d team

[Fyrebug] Version 0.747 changes – draw in crop, bg thumbs

draw in crop there is a new tool in the item cropper that allows users to draw features five pen sizes and dozens of colors. dedicated draw eraser lets the drawings and erasing occur on top of jpg beneath server switch massive 6 week project finished, with massive performance upgrade for fraction of price migrated […]

[Fyrebug] Version 0.746 – chat, holidays, server text

flat file php conversions conversion of flash-driven php run functions to flat text files. the text files are now located in /uploaded/text/foldername where folder name is the name of the action in the php run (ex. action=flashxgameinfo for each game info text file) types of flat files so far: creates (saved as text files by […]

[candy for dinner] timely halloween update with over 2 dozen candy updates

just in time for thanksgiving, we have our big autumn and halloween update! we have over a dozen brand new candies, along with new versions of another dozen candies. some highlights include 2 new types of hershey’s kisses, an amazingly marked new hershey’s variant and tons of multi-packs of new gum. check it out now! […]

Advanced Platform – Choose Level Layout and More!

The Platform engine has been upgraded to support a variety of new advanced create features. *Level Choice – choose from one of four level layouts! Current games default to level layout #1, with #2-4 as all new layouts. *Coin Value – choose how many points you get for each coin *Power-up Value – choose how […]