[inside pulse] the reality dish podcast 11.30.2009


There is breaking news in the world of the The Amazing Race and Murtz Jaffer has all the scoops.

The Reality Dish w/Murtz Jaffer: Big Brother’s Jeff and Jordan to Join Amazing Race

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[inside pulse] the reality dish podcast 11.29.2009


On this edition of the Reality Dish with Murtz Jaffer, we are joined by the Amazing Race’s Matt Tomljenovich to talk about his elimination with his father on last week’s show.

Reality Dish w/Murtz Jaffer: Interview with Amazing Race’s Matt Tomljenovich

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[inside pulse] mango ppv rewind for wwe survivor series 2009


WWE Survivor Series is a Thanksgiving tradition and tonight we were happy when it was over. After TNA exceeded expectations last week WWE came through with a boring and predictable show with both Cena and Taker retaining and no major angles started.

For the podcast, things broke down with just myself, Grut and Shawn M Smith trying to talk about a show we had little to say about – and we ended up going over 20 minutes anyway!

Mango PPV Rewind

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[inside pulse] mango ppv rewind for tna turning point 2009


With Daniels MIA, I was left alone with both Grut and Shawn M Smith for a rowdy edition of the Mango PPV Rewind. In the shock of the year, perhaps, TNA put on a PPV of extreme quality, with two Match of the Year candidates and almost no run-ins of any sort!

Click here to check it out


[wjdw] october mix

* 1 – Tell Me I’m a Wreck (Every Avenue)
* 2 – Work For The Working Man (Bon Jovi)
* 3 – Heart Heart Heartbreak (Boys Like Girls)
* 4 – I Get Off (Halestorm)
* 5 – Problematique (Hot Chelle Rae)
* 6 – Change My Mind (Holiday Parade)
* 7 – Let It Roll (Divide The Day)
* 8 – A Really Cool Dance Song (Bowling For Soup)
* 9 – Halfway Gone (Lifehouse)
* 10 – Blue (Manic Drive)
* 11 – Born To Quit (The Used)
* 12 – A Little Faster (There for Tomorrow)
* 13 – Them Angels Been Talkin’ (Lawrence Arms)
* 14 – Body Shot (Electric Six)
* 15 – Just My Heart (Quietdrive)
* 16 – Hands (The Almost)
* 17 – Alpha Dog (Fall Out Boy)
* 18 – The Perfect Mistake (Cartel)
* 19 – Chandelier (Hot Spur)
* 20 – Be Calm (Fun)

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[inside pulse] Mango PPV Rewind for WWE Bragging Rights 2009


WWE Bragging Rights was another debut PPV concept for WWE, and it appears to be a success. For this week’s Mango PPV Rewind i was joined by Shawn M Smith, Daniels, Grut and PK for a crowded 5 man booth. The general consensus was that the show was good and the Iron Man match delivered.

click here for mango ppv rewind on inside pulse



Candy For Dinner

[candy for dinner] october halloween update!

hello candy fans!

even as candy companies concentrate their halloween efforts on repackaging existing candies, we have a brand new update, with a half dozen brand new candies and a bunch of new road jerseys as well.

please check out the site today:

-the c4d team

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[inside pulse] mango ppv rewind: tna bound for glory 2009


It’s TNA’s Wrestlemania and the Mango Crew are possibly the only ones to watch every TNA PPV this year.

For this titanic occasion we have our all time lowest turnout with only Daniels joining me for the audio recap tonight.

The work was OK but something about the show just didnt click for us tonight – check it out now for our match by match analysis

Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Bound For Glory 2009 Recap And Analysis

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[inside pulse] mango ppv rewind for wwe hell in a cell 2009


The Mango crew is back in full force for WWE Hell in a Cell 2009, as I’m joined by Grut, PK and Daniels for a half hour recap of the just completed PPV.

We all waver from praise to “meh” on the show, but overall a decent enough show that should see the end of some storylines. Check it out now!