[kjdw] October Mix!~! Featuring Simple Plan, Jimmy Eat World, PVRIS, Poppy, Hawthorne Heights and TONS MORE~!

Hey mix fans! Fall is in full swing so we have an incredible mix for you for October! spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4QaZfD1jMCR89Pgui2HUTh?si=Q92KYUoQT02IovyRvSCjug Track Listing: 1 – Where I Belong (Simple Plan) 2 – Fear to Fight (Wyatt Blair) 3 – Hallucinations (PVRIS) 4 – All the Way (Stay) (Jimmy Eat World) 5 – Looking for Some Light […]

August Mix!! Two Huge Volumes including All American Rejects, White Reaper, The Struts, The Darkness and TONS MORE~!

 hey mix fans! the dog days of summer are here and so is the august mix! it’s two mixes for august!! mix zip:http://widroverse.com/kjdw/playlists/2010807.ziphttp://widroverse.com/kjdw/playlists/2010814.zip spotify:https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3LriAKhpROROMzefv0f79z?si=djp8K8-BQE29EofiFbY2WQhttps://open.spotify.com/playlist/0sUQ37ytjArRBnzRio71Af?si=o1nHOqxjS8WBO6D58vnwew  tracks: 1 – Send Her To Heaven (The All American Rejects) 2 – You Aint Ready (Skillet) 3 – All Good (Nevertel) 4 – Real Long Time (White Reaper) 5 – Hope For the Underrated […]

[kjdw] July 2019 Mix~! Featuring Sleeping with Sirens, The Hives, Sum 41, Bring Me The Horizon AND MORE

hello mix fans!we have a HOT new mix for july! spotify:https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4YFVv3B6d0TjxwS35hAzLe?si=8Ff7oNK9TNa5xpC69lCpmQtracks: 1 – Leave It All Behind (Sleeping with Sirens) 2 – Good Samaritan (The Hives) 3 – You and Me (Forever) (Crooked Teeth) 4 – mother tongue (Bring Me the Horizon) 5 – She Gets Around (Starcrawler) 6 – Fucking With My Head (Palaye […]

[KJDW] June 2019 Mix! Featuring White Reaper, Boston Manor, New Politics, Night Riots and Loads More!!

hello mix fans! to celebrate the onset of summer we have an all new mix! mp3s in a zip: http://widroverse.com/kjdw/playlists/20190608.zip   spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/04lAdvsV4wGkdhItfivn0p?si=cUlUnc9RS1-DLKRR1Tb9uw   track listing: 1 – Burn It (Fever 333) 2 – The Promise (Andy Black) 3 – Liquid (Boston Manor) 4 – Comeback Kid (New Politics) 5 – Might Be Right (White […]

[kjdw] May 2019 Mix! Featuring Sum 41, Faber Drive, Blink 182, Skillet and Tons More, Check it out!!!

hey mix fans! we’re back with a huge new mix for may with the return of sum 41, collective soul and blink 182 then new bands and other great songs! spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/22burjpkhimfyqfnpmuxxx5hi/playlist/3YPTXoLiwYM6twoyp3mkKL?si=rvCNlUEtQrW-IzPsHQae1g track listing: 1 – Long Time Coming (Jagwar Twin) 2 – Legendary (Skillet) 3 – Catch My Breath (Like Satellites) 4 – Out […]

April 2019 Mix! Featuring Falling in Reverse, The Killers, Tons of new bands and more!

hello mix fans! we have an all new mix for you this spring. spotify:https://open.spotify.com/user/22burjpkhimfyqfnpmuxxx5hi/playlist/4uCewRmgaf6dwCfl6mrnwr?si=BRly-_8BRmyp86Bdmq__nw track listing: 1 – Drugs (Falling In Reverse) 2 – Lucy (Simple Creatures) 3 – Insomniac (Dreamers) 4 – Come For Me (New Years Day) 5 – you should see me in a crown (Billie Eilish) 6 – What It Takes […]

January 2019 Mix! – featuring Simple Creatures, Muse, Escape the Fate, Buckcherry, Simple Plan and more!!!

hey everyone!we are back in 2019 with a new lineup of songs from artists new and old! spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/user/22burjpkhimfyqfnpmuxxx5hi/playlist/1PeO0mjI0S4lu64RhuJabZ?si=FUw888fwTTaR8tbkMQYqjQ&fbclid=IwAR0-iqzvCaLxsyU7I5zCklr1dDzWMsGIvFBOsCPc-yIZutUIDU0kWTpRSSo 2019-01-28 1 – Drug (Simple Creatures) 2 – Bigger (Simple Plan) 3 – Let Me Be (Escape the Fate) 4 – medicine (Bring Me the Horizon) 5 – The Ending (Papa Roach) 6 – These […]

December 2018 Mix! – featuring New Years Day, Halestorm, Bexley, Taking Back Sunday and more!!

for our last mix of 2018, we have a full mix of new songs, enjoy! spotify   1 – Skeletons (New Years Day) 2 – Haunted (Diamante) 3 – Voices (Against The Current) 4 – All Ready to Go (Taking Back Sunday) 5 – Waves (Ryls) 6 – Run Rabbit Run (Bexley) 7 – Stand […]

November 2018 Mix! – featuring 10 bands making mix debuts! PLUS Pop Etc, AFI, She Wants Revenge and more!!!

just in time for thanksgiving is the november mix! spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/22burjpkhimfyqfnpmuxxx5hi/playlist/1bH6hf2CxE58clnfW6AOZm?si=2Oa3f-azRQ-1j60AQrC7aQ tracks: 1 – We Are One (The Castor Troys) 2 – Bury Me Low (8 Graves) 3 – Wonderful Life (Bring Me the Horizon) 4 – Walk in the Dark (Jack the Envious) 5 – Give Me The Sky (The Alchemy) 6 – Broken […]

[kjdw] september 2018 mix

hello mix fans! we are here with the first mix of the fall. it has tons of great songs including the long awaited return of FABER DRIVE! spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/22burjpkhimfyqfnpmuxxx5hi/playlist/1x1ozX7FJPloJT7aWXM1LI?si=I0exzC9LSQiw0x3-AUwcOg track listing: 1 – Mantra (Bring Me the Horizon) 2 – Surrender (Faber Drive) 3 – Lake Effect Kid (Fall Out Boy) 4 – Dance Macabre […]