[inside pulse] Mango PPV Rewind for TNA No Surrender 2009

A unique lineup is on hand for the TNA No Surrender post-ppv podcast, as I was joined by Shawn M Smith live at the Mango as well as PK fresh off doing live coverage of the event.

I’m not sure if it was the air in NYC or just our bitterness but Shawn and I did not like the show, while PK thought it was solid. We run through the event in detail, going match by match and speculating on the unclear future for TNA’s marquee event next month Bound for Glory.

Mango PPV Rewind for TNA No Surrender 2009

[wjdw] september mix

we are finishing up the summer and heading into the fall with an all new mix. tons of great songs. enjoy!

* 1 – Music (Manic Drive)
* 2 – Jessica (Quietdrive)
* 3 – Awake And Alive (Skillet)
* 4 – Real Thing (Boys Like Girls)
* 5 – Break (Three Days Grace)
* 6 – Heaven Can Wait (We the Kings)
* 7 – Racing Lights (Stars of Track and Field)
* 8 – Hate Love (Adelitas Way)
* 9 – Chelsea (The Summer Set)
* 10 – Friends & Lovers (Madina Lake)
* 11 – We Weren’t Born To Follow (Bon Jovi)
* 12 – The Silence (Mayday Parade)
* 13 – Black Hearts (On Fire) (Jet)
* 14 – Brighter Lights (HeyHiHello!)
* 15 – Slow Poison (The Bravery )
* 16 – Are You Blind? (Drive A)
* 17 – Mr. Right (A Rocket to the Moon)
* 18 – True Faith (Anberlin)
* 19 – I’m Not Ok (Social Code)
* 20 – Hello Brooklyn (All Time Low)

[inside pulse] mango ppv rewind: wwe breaking point 2009

after i fell asleep during summerslam and RUINED the podcast for that megaevent, we are back with the mango ppv rewind for wwe’s latest ppv, breaking point.

with low expectations going into WWE Breaking Point 2009, the Mango PPV crew was pleasantly surprised by the show tonight, with some clean finishes, strong performances and decent booking.

Mango PPV Rewind For WWE Breaking Point 2009

[wjdw] august mix

august is here with an all new mix. more new songs from big mix bands with breaking benjamin, social code, damone and cobra starship. tons of other great stuff too. download it today!

* 1 – I Will Not Bow (Breaking Benjamin)
* 2 – Electric Hearts (Cash Cash)
* 3 – Nice Guys Finish Last (Cobra Starship)
* 4 – Satisfied (Social Code)
* 5 – I Like to Dance (Hot Chelle Rae)
* 6 – Bored To Death (Damone)
* 7 – Innocent Man (A Love Like Pi)
* 8 – All the Pretty Girls (Fun.)
* 9 – Heart Attack (Mayfield)
* 10 – Hello Fascination (Breathe Carolina)
* 11 – Can You Keep A Secret (Closer Now)
* 12 – Face Down (Hot Action Cop)
* 13 – She’s Got To Go (Hot Spur)
* 14 – See What I Wanna See (The Lovemakers)
* 15 – I Almost Told You That I Loved You (Papa Roach)
* 16 – Remember Your Ghost (Uncrowned)
* 17 – Houses (Great Northern)
* 18 – New York City Speed (Kill Hannah)
* 19 – Desolation Row (My Chemical Romance)
* 20 – At the Bottom (Brand New)

[inside pulse] mango ppv rewind podcast: tna victory road 2009

The Mango PPV crew is back with the second episode of the Mango PPV rewind. I’m joined by Tom Daniels and GRUT live from the Mango, and Patt Kitt on the line from Allentown PA. It’s over 40 minutes of TNA discussion fun with mostly bashing and some defending. And plenty of inappropriate comments

Mango PPV Rewind Podcast: TNA Victory Road 2009 Audio Recap

[dinner] buffalo and asian glazed wings with potatos, corn

two types of chicken wings, with corn, friend fingerling potatos and celery with gorgonzola dip

buffalo sauce
frank’s hot sauce
brown sugar
powdered garlic
powdered onion

bring all ingredients to a low simmer to combine. cook a few more minutes.

asian glaze
oyster sauce
soy sauce
sesame oil
fresh ginger, grated

mix ingredients in a mixing bowl. no cooking.

bleu cheese dipping sauce
lemon zest
lemon juice

blend all together and mash up cheese so it integrates into the sauce. set aside for 30 minutes or more.

other ingredients
fingerling potatos

fried the wings and potatos in vegetable oil. put hot wings into bowl with one of the sauces, covered and shook the bowl to coat the wings. boiled corn. cut up celery. serve both types of wings, the fried potatos with the buffalo sauce, and the celery with bleu cheese sauce and corn on the side.