[wjdw] june mix

we are bringing in summer with an all new mix! found some great new songs and bands, plus new collective soul, taking back sunday and tantric.

track listing:

* 1 – Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t) (All Time Low)
* 2 – Permanent Heartbreak (The Friday Night Boys)
* 3 – Take It Home (The White Tie Affair)
* 4 – Staring Down (Collective Soul)
* 5 – Codename: Raven (House of Heroes)
* 6 – Time For Me (Holiday Parade)
* 7 – Plane Crash (Hot Action Cop)
* 8 – Stays for the Same (The Ready Set)
* 9 – We Are Alive (The American Life)
* 10 – Take Me Home (After Midnight Project)
* 11 – Invincible (Adelitas Way)
* 12 – Summer, Man (Taking Back Sunday)
* 13 – Simple Life (My Favorite Highway)
* 14 – Craigslist (Weird Al Yankovic)
* 15 – Let’s Rock-N-Roll (Endless Road) (Charm City Devils)
* 16 – Stories (There For Tomorrow)
* 17 – Mind Control (Tantric)
* 18 – Sexyback (Poison)
* 19 – Summer (Backseat Goodbye)
* 20 – Let Me Be Myself (3 Doors Down)

[candy for dinner] huge beginning of summer update

hello candy fans-

candy for dinner is bringing in summer with a gigantic new update featuring new candies, 79 new pictures and 1 ALL NEW background. these are big hitters too, with new entries from snickers, reese’s, skittles and 2 new m&ms.

check it all out at – www.candyfordinner.com

also we have an all new twitter account – follow us now for updates – https://twitter.com/candyfordinner

and become a fan of candy for dinner on facebook! – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Candy-For-Dinner/98329736805

-the c4d team

[inside pulse] E3 2009 Hands On Impressions: Little Big Planet (PSP)

In the Sony booth, they had a playable version of Little Big Planet for PSP which showcased a full level as well as a mini game level. I got a chance to play through the full level, and it was pretty amazing. The graphics on the PSP screen look almost the same as the PS3 counterpart, just on a small screen. The animation is spot on, and Sackboy looks and moves just as you’d expect.

read the full article at Die Hard Game Fan – E3 2009 Hands On Impressions: Little Big Planet (PSP)

[inside pulse] Live coverage of Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft E3 2009 Press Conferences

I did live coverage from Los Angeles at all three console publisher’s press conference.

Check out these links to Die Hard Game Fan for the full articles:

Live Coverage of the Sony E3 Presentation

Live Coverage of the Nintendo E3 Presentation

Live Coverage Blog Of Microsoft E3 Press Briefing

[WJDW] May Mix

hey everyone-

in the last minutes of may, we have an all new mix with an exciting lineup of songs. new singles from linkin park, our lady peace and green day as well as wjdw favorites lucky boys confusion, cobra starship and billy talent.

the full track listing is below

Track Listing:

* 1 – Good Girls Go Bad (Cobra Starship)
* 2 – Silent Voices Kill (Madina Lake)
* 3 – Get Close (Call the Cops)
* 4 – New Divide (Linkin Park)
* 5 – Hero (Skillet)
* 6 – Bones Shatter (Never Say Never) (Hedley)
* 7 – Safe & Sound (Crisis In Hollywood)
* 8 – Make You Mine (Copper)
* 9 – Hold On (Abandon)
* 10 – Missing You (The Rust)
* 11 – I Don’t Think I Love You (Hoobastank)
* 12 – Kids Undercover (Hello Hollywood)
* 13 – Young And Reckless (Hot Spur)
* 14 – Biggest Mistake (Lucky Boys Confusion)
* 15 – Left 4 Dead (Papercut Massacre)
* 16 – All You Did Was Save My Life (Our Lady Peace)
* 17 – Call Me (In This Moment)
* 18 – Know Your Enemy (Green Day)
* 19 – So Long (The Datsuns)
* 20 – White Sparrows (Billy Talent)

[candy for dinner] celebrate easter with our 3 year anniversary celebration

hey candy fans-

it’s a double celebration this weekend at candy for dinner with our huge 3 year anniversary celebration as well as easter – one of the greatest candy holidays. we lead off with 3 new twix varietals, then have new entries from orbit, starburst, trident and more. 18 new candies and over 100 new photos as well as a NEW BACKGROUND.

check it out now –


-the c4d team