[candy for dinner] bonus november update

hey candy fans-

it was only a couple weeks since our last update, but we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest, and had to put out an interim update before the big holiday releases. we have four interesting new candies as well as 4 updated candies, with over 30 brand-new pics!


have a great turkey day everyone.

-the c4d team

[candy for dinner] timely halloween update with over 2 dozen candy updates

just in time for thanksgiving, we have our big autumn and halloween update! we have over a dozen brand new candies, along with new versions of another dozen candies. some highlights include 2 new types of hershey’s kisses, an amazingly marked new hershey’s variant and tons of multi-packs of new gum.

check it out now! – www.candyfordinner.com

Advanced Platform – Choose Level Layout and More!

The Platform engine has been upgraded to support a variety of new advanced create features.

*Level Choice – choose from one of four level layouts! Current games default to level layout #1, with #2-4 as all new layouts.
*Coin Value – choose how many points you get for each coin
*Power-up Value – choose how many points you get for each powerup you collect
*Enemy Value – get points for each enemy you defeat (current games have 0 points for this)

Fyrebug Version 0.74 – Advanced Create is Live!

The long-awaited debut of Advanced create is here!

On create, there is now an “advanced” tab that will unlock two new types of customization – in-game text and game parameters.

In-Game Text will let you choose any word you want to appear in the games
Game Parameters will let you choose the number of lives, time limit and much more in each game to make each game a truly unique experience.

You need to have at least 50 points on Fyrebug to unlock Advanced create!

[candy for dinner] all new site relaunch with over 100 new candies and 1000 new pictures

after a few months, candyfordinner.com is not only back, but it’s complete revamped and relaunched! we have put up over 120 new candies and nearly 1000 new pictures to make up for the time we were offline.

in addition, there are new features all through the site

* each gallery is now an on-page gallery right on the homepage
* each background can be viewed as a gallery itself with the dropdown menu on the right
* commenting is back and spam-free
* every candy can be rated 1-5 stars
* site search on the right side
* email any candy to your friend with the ’email this’ link on each candy article
* view the latest comments on the right side as well

go to www.candyfordinner.com to check it out! make sure to leave some comments and rate some candies