Year: 2009

  • [candy for dinner] happy holidays with all new candy

    nothing more delicious than new candy for the holidays, and we have an all-new update jam-packed with amazing candies. check out a wide variety of new and limited edition candy canes, as well as some additional holiday new-comers. check out the site: happy holidays and a wondrous new year

  • [wjdw] december mix

    quick turnaround for the december mix, with the year-end awards looming, wanted to get another mix out before it was too late. * 1 – The Story Of Your Life (We the Kings) * 2 – I Have Seen The Future (The Bravery ) * 3 – Where We Belong (Lostprophets) * 4 – Our…

  • [inside pulse] reality dish interview with nate “big easy” lofton

    The Globetrotters winning The Amazing Race 15 is a slam dunk. That was the opinion shared by fans of the show throughout the season. After all, how could anyone compete against two star athletes on a show where the alpha males have traditionally reigned supreme? Unfortunately, for Flight Time and Big Easy, their race ended…

  • [inside pulse] reality dish interview with nathan trasoras

    In a shocking elimination on So You Think You Can Dance on Tuesday, Nathan Trasoras was the first guy to be eliminated out of the Top 10. Many fans and pundits were left scratching their hands as the perennial golden boy could seemingly do no wrong in the competition, given a ticket straight to the…

  • [inside pulse] reality dish interview with noelle marsh

    It’s no secret that Murtz Jaffer was a big fan of Noelle Marsh on So You Think You Can Dance and actually saw her going quite far in the competition. Her dismissal on Tuesday was quite surprising as it also gave her the dubious distinction of being the first girl eliminated from the Top 10.…

  • [candy for dinner] post thanksgiving, pre holidays update

    huge post thanksgiving, pre-holidays update with 2 new kisses, 7 new candies, over 50 new pics and a new background – check it out!

  • [wjdw] november mix

    just in the nick of time we slide in with the november mix. with awards season coming up this is one of the final mixes for consideration in the coveted record of the year category. here is the track listing: * 1 – Hatefuck (The Bravery ) * 2 – Break Your Little Heart (All…

  • [inside pulse] the reality dish podcast 11.30.2009

    There is breaking news in the world of the The Amazing Race and Murtz Jaffer has all the scoops. The Reality Dish w/Murtz Jaffer: Big Brother’s Jeff and Jordan to Join Amazing Race

  • [inside pulse] the reality dish podcast 11.29.2009

    On this edition of the Reality Dish with Murtz Jaffer, we are joined by the Amazing Race’s Matt Tomljenovich to talk about his elimination with his father on last week’s show. Reality Dish w/Murtz Jaffer: Interview with Amazing Race’s Matt Tomljenovich

  • [inside pulse] mango ppv rewind for wwe survivor series 2009

    WWE Survivor Series is a Thanksgiving tradition and tonight we were happy when it was over. After TNA exceeded expectations last week WWE came through with a boring and predictable show with both Cena and Taker retaining and no major angles started. For the podcast, things broke down with just myself, Grut and Shawn M…