Year: 2010

  • [inside pulse] mango ppv rewind for wwe tlc 2010 ppv

    After a brief hiatus, we are back with an all new podcast! I am joined this week by Aaron glazer and Shawn M Smith to talk about WWE TLC, an all around decent show to close out the WWE 2010 PPV calendar. Mango PPV Rewind: WWE TLC 2010 PPV Recap & Analysis [Podcast]

  • [wjdw] second december mix

    for the end of 2010, we have one final mix to get some additional songs into contention for the best of 2010. some december cd releases – my chemical romance, hinder, quietdrive – have new singles, and a bunch of other new songs. check it out now! * 1 – Cha-Ching (Hedley) * 2 –…

  • [candy for dinner] delicious december details

    hey candy fans! after a slow october and november in the world of candy, we are back with an early december update! we have a new starburst and enough gum and mint flavors to shake a stick at! check it out now: -the c4d team

  • [december mix]

    as we head into the final month of 2010, we have new tracks from the new albums of my chemical romance and hinder, plus other great stuff. this will probably be the first of 2 december mixes as the final songs elgible for the 2010 awards. full tracklist: * 1 – Planetary (GO!) (My Chemical…

  • [inside pulse] wwe monday night raw report 11.29.2010

    We start with a video montage of last week on Raw. You see, The Miz won the title and exposed the business forever Alex Riley starts the show on the Raw Ramp and he is running the show or something tonight. Then Alberto Del Rio comes out in a car and we’re jumping right into…

  • [wjdw] november mix

    just in time for thanksgiving, we’re back with an all new 20 song mix. do you like bands from the 90s or early 00s that you’d be surprised were still producing new music? this month we have new tracks from monster magnet, american hi-fi, hot hot heat, jimmy eat world and kid rock. plus alter…

  • [inside pulse] 10 thoughts on… south park episode 14-14

    Well, it’s been a short but sweet ride, but the second arc of season 14 of South Park has come to a close. How was the Food Network themed episode? Read on!

  • [inside pulse] 10 thoughts on south park episode 14-13

    We’re in part 3 of the epic Coon & Friends trilogy. Does the ending satisfy? Let’s find out! Do You Know What It Feels Like?

  • [inside pulse] mango ppv rewind for tna turning point 2010

    TNA’s first PPV of the new “They” era is in the books, as Jeff Hardy retained and other crap happened at TNA Turning Point 2010. I’m joined this week by Daniels and Jake Ziegler to discuss the show, where SPOILER WARNING – we didn’t like it. Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Turning Point 2010 PPV Results…

  • [inside pulse] 10 thoughts on… south park episode 14-12

    South Park is back with part 2 of last week’s Coon & Friends episode which promises to reveal Mysterion’s identity. With all the speculation about who is Mysterion, will we finally find out who it actually is? 10 Thoughts on… South Park “Mysterion Rises” Who Is Mysterion? Episode 14-12