Month: May 2010

  • [wjdw] may mix

    we are back with an all new mix for may just as the month ends. full track listing: * 1 – Ten Years Down (Story of the Year) * 2 – Crash (Fit For Rivals) * 3 – Touchin On My (3OH!3) * 4 – Make It Out (Divided By Friday) * 5 – Rules…

  • [candy for dinner] may update

    we have a huge may update with a whopping 12 new candies, including the incredible new m&m pretzels! check out the wide variety of new candy and gums, as well as two new road jerseys, totally over 50 new pictures!

  • [inside pulse] iptv lostcast #4

    The Lost Finale is over and Alex Lawson and I have very different opinions of how it played out. The polarizing finale is put on trial for an exciting and heated-at-times podcast! IPTV Lostcast #4: Lost Series Finale Discussion, Dissenting Opinions

  • [inside pulse] lostcast #3

    With the last episode in the books heading into the finale, we are back with the third LostCast! I was joined by Alex Lawson and we talked through the last two episodes of the season, and speculate to the 2.5 hour finale this Sunday. IPTV LostCast #3: Lost Finale Spoilers, Analysis, Discussion [Podcast]

  • [inside pulse] strikeforce heavy artillery recap

    Card slated for tonight: # Antwain Britt vs. Rafael Feijao # Roger Gracie vs. Kevin Randleman # Ronaldo “Jacare” de Souza vs. Joey Villasenor # Andrei Arlovski vs. Antonio Silva # Alistair Overeem vs. Brett Rogers for Strikeforce heavyweight title Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery Results Live Blog

  • [inside pulse] mango ppv rewind for tna sacrifice 2010

    It was a raucous Mango PPV Rewind for TNA Sacrifice 2010 as I’m joined by SMS, Glazer and PK. It’s quite literally a 30 minute TNA bash-a-thon, so listen now for TNA at its worst! Mango PPV Rewind: TNA Sacrifice 2010 Results & Analysis [Podcast]

  • may 2010 sliders, broccoli and garlic sauce, creamy potatoes

  • [inside pulse] lostcast #2

    With a crazy eventful episode last night, Lost is heating up heading into the huge finale. We are back for the second LostCast recapping the episode, the major happenings, what we found out and we what didn’t. LostCast #2: Lost Episode 6-14 Spoilers, Analysis, Discussion [Podcast]

  • [inside pulse] tna impact! report 05.03.2010

    TNA Impact opens with a video package from last week – TNA rankings, Jeff Hardy, Abyss vs Flair. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are shown on shaky-cam in the backseat of a limo. They talk about addressing Ric Flair and Sting for tonight. Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Impact Report 05.03.2010: RVD vs. Desmonde Wolfe, Hulk Hogan/Sting…

  • [inside pulse] lostcast #1

    With only four weeks left of Lost EVER, the excitement surrounding the show’s closing moments is at a fever pitch. For the month of May, we are debuting a new series of podcasts here at IPTV where Alex Lawson and I will talk about Lost and its final episodes and major reveals. This week we…