Month: November 2011

  • [wjdw] november mix

    hey mix fans- it’s later that expected, but the november mix is here, just in time for it to be december. please enjoy these 20 new tracks, including 1 from 10 years ago this month and 1 cover. full track listing: 1 – Don’t Give Up On Us (The Maine) 2 – Gravity (Hit The…

  • [inside pulse] 10 thoughts on south park episode 15-14

    South Park season 15 has been another huge year for Matt and Trey, and after 6 episodes this half-season and 13 in season 15, we’re at the season finale. 10 Thoughts on South Park Episode 15-14: The Poor Kid [Season Finale]

  • [inside pulse] 10 thoughts on south park episode 15-13

    1. The boys are learning about Thanksgiving in school, and later watch a History Channel special on Thanksgiving. The special has outlandish claims about how Thanksgiving was inhabited by aliens, backed up by serious-sounding scientists and professors. 10 Thoughts On… South Park Episode 15-13: A History Channel Thanksgiving