[inside pulse] wwe monday night raw report 02.06.2012

Out comes Triple H in a suit, to his music. He runs down John Laurinaitis. Then talks about the Undertaker. Taker is the only guy that can give Triple H “that feeling” and he felt it when the music hit last week. He thinks the Undertaker isn’t at the top of his game anymore and declines the challenge for Mania. Triple H ends by saying he’d have to “finish it” which might be what the Undertaker wants, but he’s not going to do it. His music plays, but then stops, then the arena goes black. A video shows on the Titantron with highlights of last year, and the Undertaker sitting and watching them. He doesn’t want to be remembered for being taken out in a stretcher in his last match, even if he won it.

WWE Monday Night Raw 02.06.2012 Live Coverage: John Cena, CM Punk, HHH/Undertaker Fallout

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