All six Raw Elimination Chamber wrestlers are in the ring at podiums. Jerry Lawler introduces a DEBATE! He is quickly interrupted by John Laurinaitis, flanked by David Otunga. He and Punk cut promos. Then Vickie Guerrero comes out. It’s a promo clustermess! R Truth cuts a long promo encouraging WHATs. Spider Stew? This is crazy. Miz gets on the mic and talks about main eventing Wrestlemania last year, then a debate buzzer sounds several times to cut him off. Jericho cuts a long promo, and CM Punk no sells, claiming he wasn’t paying attention. Tonight we’ll have singles preview matches of Miz/Punk, Kofi/Jericho and Truth/Dolph. Jericho pushes the podiums aside and goes for Punk slowly, who raises the title to taunt Jericho. Kofi approaches from behind and kicks Jericho and that match… is…. NEXT

WWE Monday Night Raw 02.13.2012 Live Coverage: HHH/Undertaker, John Cena, Elimination Chamber PPV Preview

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