[inside pulse] wwe monday night raw report 03.05.2012

The show starts with “Theme of Sexy Boy” and HBK Shawn Micahels comes out with a cowboy hat. HBK chant. He wants to know what convinced Hunter to take the match with Undertaker. HHH comes out to HIS music, in a suit. They discuss who is better than who and who can end the streak. So far this is making a great case for another HHH vs HBK match (which they should do next year!). The long and short of it is that HBK will be the special guest referee at WM28. HBK’s music plays and he leaves. HHH is a grumpy suitman in the ring.

WWE Monday Night Raw 03.05.2012 Live Results: The Rock, HBK, John Cena, CM Punk, Wrestlemania 28

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