[inside pulse] wwe monday night raw report 03.26.2012

Randy Orton & Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan & Kane
And we start with Randy Orton, who comes to the ring to his theme music. Then the others. Daniel Bryan and AJ make out before the match. Heels dominate the couple minutes before we take our first Settles into a long heat sequence on Randy Orton. Kane beating down Orton and slows it down with a headlock. Hot tag to Sheamus, and he is a house afire. Kane and Orton clear to the floor, Sheamus left with Bryan in the ring. He signals for the Brogue Kick but AJ comes into the ring and gets between Bryan and Sheamus. When the ref clears her out of the ring, Bryan ducks the Brogue Kick.

WWE Monday Night Raw 03.26.2012 Live Results: Wrestlemania 28 Final Hype, Rock, Cena, CM Punk

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