[widroverse] the20 version 2.0 launches february 4, 2016; soft launch today

january 18, 2016 – the widroverse announced today that THE20 version 2.0 would launch february 4, 2016. in addition, a soft launch, featuring a test january edition of THE20 would launch today.

originally launched in 2014, THE20 is a 20 game list of the hottest games in america at the time. version 1 was a free flowing list, and after an initial burst of success, waned in usage and was sunsetted in february 2015.

THE20 version 2.0 takes the best of widroverse music features and version 1.0 of THE20 to create an all new way of tackling video game purchasing and playing.

“we are excited to bring the success and the stability of wjdw-branded mixes to widroverse in the video game area,” said widroverse emperor jonathan widro. “by structuring game buying and playing on a monthly basis, hours of lost productivity will be regained”.

for full details and rules for THE20 version 2.0, please see the attached THE20 version 2.0 bible document.

about the20
the20 the20 the the the 20 is the hottest 20 games in america every month.

about the widroverse
the widroverse is an all-encompassing life-wide ecosystem that combines elements of gamification with custom applications and algorithms that track, monitor and modify productivity. see our work in progress pre-alpha site at

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