a few years ago, the widroverse deprecated the whatkey page of links and instead moved all links to a synced google chrome bookmarks system.

this is a great system but there has become a need to split the bookmarks across two browsers.

thus i have created a firefox account to sync a secondary b-team of links, headlined by ebay, alternate twitter, alternate tumblr, aol/yahoo emails and dating sites.

“we are thrilled to launch the widroverse’s secondary links sync on firefox,” beamed widroverse emperor jonathan widro. “with two sets of bookmarks, we can really segment work into the two browsers for greater efficiency”

the bookmarks are launching today, sunday february 21, 2016, across both pcs and the gameco pc laptop. it will be launched across mac laptop and manalapan pc in the coming weeks.

porn and xxx content, previously limited to firefox, will now be moved to microsoft edge browser.

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