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  • [candy for dinner] january candy explosion – largest new candy update ever!

    for our first update of 2011, we have a gigantic 22 new candies from the last month! check out these incredible new entries including new reese’s, snickers, twizzlers, mike & ike’s and so much more. you won’t regret it

  • [candy for dinner] delicious december details

    hey candy fans! after a slow october and november in the world of candy, we are back with an early december update! we have a new starburst and enough gum and mint flavors to shake a stick at! check it out now: -the c4d team

  • [candy for dinner] new candies for autumn!

    we have a HUGE update for september over at with a dozen new candies and over 50 new pictures! plus we have some brand new backgrounds. want to see the latest limited edition snickers, raisinets, peeps and tictacs, you just GOTTA check out candy for dinner today: -the c4d team

  • [candy for dinner] july update

    hey candy fans! celebrate the hot summer with some new candies and updated pictures! we have 5 new candies plus some exciting road jerseys. those who have been clamoring for the return of regal purple will also be pleased to see it return in a huge way. check it out today! -the c4d team…

  • [candy for dinner] june update

    hey candy fans- we have a nice little june update over at with 6 new candies, 2 new road jerseys and super rare new single-pic background. check it all out today and celebrate candy all summer long -the c4d team

  • [candy for dinner] may update

    we have a huge may update with a whopping 12 new candies, including the incredible new m&m pretzels! check out the wide variety of new candy and gums, as well as two new road jerseys, totally over 50 new pictures!

  • [candy for dinner] april fans

    we celebrated our four year anniversay at candyfordinner with a huge new update featuring 10 new candies, 3 updates including one from 2007, and a super limited new background with only one appearance! check out the site today and celebrate with us:

  • [candy for dinner] spring is here with new candy!

    spring is in the air and so is new candy! we have an all new background plus 7 new candies, a couple new road jerseys and tons of gum and excitement. check out the all new march update today! Candy For Dinner

  • [candy for dinner] february update

    we have a huge update to kick off 2010 at candy for dinner. check out 11 new candies, over three dozen new pics and an exciting all new background. it’s february – celebrate at stay warm out there

  • [candy for dinner] happy holidays with all new candy

    nothing more delicious than new candy for the holidays, and we have an all-new update jam-packed with amazing candies. check out a wide variety of new and limited edition candy canes, as well as some additional holiday new-comers. check out the site: happy holidays and a wondrous new year