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  • [wjdw] july mix

    It’s America’s Birthday, and to celebrate, we have an exciting lineup for july’s mix! in addition to new singles by the used, jet, collective soul, chevelle and godsmack for rock fans, and new singles from boys like girls, all time low and the click five for those who like that type check out the full…

  • [wjdw] june mix

    we are bringing in summer with an all new mix! found some great new songs and bands, plus new collective soul, taking back sunday and tantric. track listing: * 1 – Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t) (All Time Low) * 2 – Permanent Heartbreak (The Friday Night Boys) * 3 –…

  • [WJDW] May Mix

    hey everyone- in the last minutes of may, we have an all new mix with an exciting lineup of songs. new singles from linkin park, our lady peace and green day as well as wjdw favorites lucky boys confusion, cobra starship and billy talent. the full track listing is below Track Listing: * 1 –…

  • [WJDW] april mix

    it’s been a slow start for this year with new mixes, but i’ve put together a new one. it has 20 new songs with a bunch of new bands, and new songs from Taking Back Sunday, Maximo Park and finally Powerman 5000. The oddly placed rap song has the Linkin Park guy. here is the…

  • [WJDW] Second December Mix

    because of the slow output of mixes in early 2008, we’re catching up in the late part of the year as we drive to awards season. here is another collection of 20 songs.

  • [WJDW] November Mix

    a big 2 disc mega mix for the thanksgiving 2008 holiday, including new songs from hoobastank, the killers, kaiser chiefs, nickelback and much more. 40 huge new tracks, spread across 2 parts. enjoy

  • [WJDW] October Mix

    back quickly with the october mix, not in small part to the legendary nickelback returning with a new single. lots of other new singles and bands. enjoy.

  • [WJDW] September Mix

    we are back with a september mix that features new singles from a variety of establish bands such as fall out boy, all american rejects, buckcherry, the killers and much more. not as many new bands this month, those should return in force next month.

  • [WJDW] August Mix

    as summer winds down, we have a brand new mix with 18 new songs, 1 cover and 1 classic cute.

  • [WJDW] July Mix

    the first mix of the summer kicks off the second half of 2007, which will hopefully produce more than the pitiful 3 mixes in the first half of 2008. lots of new bands and new singles, one of the stronger mixes in a while.