[Fyrebug] Version 0.747 changes – draw in crop, bg thumbs

draw in crop
there is a new tool in the item cropper that allows users to draw

  • features five pen sizes and dozens of colors.
  • dedicated draw eraser lets the drawings and erasing occur on top of jpg beneath

server switch
massive 6 week project finished, with massive performance upgrade for fraction of price

  • migrated from 1 dedicated $350 server to 2 $20 managed scaling servers with 2 $20 db servers for a total of $80 + overages
  • server scales php processor and database across huge network, incurring overages if used often rather than reducing site performance or crashing the site server
  • detailed processor reports (gpu reports) intimize most cpu intensive files, scripts and errors
  • fyrebugdev environment completely separate and does not impact or get impacted by live site

bg thumb/large
all backgrounds are now created at three sizes – 425×350 as well as new 85×70 (1/5th size thumbnail) and 850×700 (double sized)

  • all previous backgrounds have been retroactively tripled as well, and copied to the uploaded.fyrebug.com site
  • item gallery loading for backgrounds will load much faster, create less server load, and incure fewer cdn charges
  • all item galleries changed to show thumbnail in gallery

future plans:

  • use in wide/tall engines

ability to add any subdomain and point to a separate server
add dedicated subdomain and user database as a client offering

copies to uploaded.fyrebug.com
uploaded.fyrebug.com synces to the cdn for scaling, and now can reside on a separate server

  • all logos, uploaded mp3s, generated text files and cropped images now auto-sync to the cdn-based subdomain.
  • this will allow fyrebug to scale out in another direction if needed

on-site cache
the pages on fyrebug are now cached and refresh periodically. content can be refreshed on many pages with ajax loaders.

major bug fixes
90% processor usage reduction with new server gpu reports

  • related games
  • item gallery search, featured bgs
  • stray images and files

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